Welcome to the Museum Association of Nordfriesland

The cultural landscape of the North Sea coast is shaped by the forces of nature. You can get to know the diverse cultural legacy of this region in the Husum museums which impart various special interest themes to the visitors.

Since 1996 the Museum Association has been made up of the Nordsee Museum Husum in the Nissenhaus, formerly Nordfriesches Museum, Husum Castle and the open-air museum – the Ostenfeld Farmhouse. This association is funded by the Nissen trust, the town of Husum and the region of Nordfriesland. The Museums Association is also institutionally supported by the State of Schleswig-Holstein.

The three museums, each in their own way, seek to familiarize visitors with the life of the people close to the North Sea. The Nordsee Museum concentrates on the cultural natural landscape of the North Sea Coast. In Husum Castle, the life of its former dwellers and the history of the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf is vividly portrayed, and the Ostenfeld Farmhouse allows the visitor to experience everyday rural life in days gone by.

Visitors will be amazed at the variety of themes and exhibitions.